Working for lala

We Are Not Currently Accepting Applications

We employ enthusiastic, helpful, responsible booksellers.

lala books, Lowell’s independent bookstore, is looking for another bookseller to join our team. Our employees all share three core traits or values. They are:

  • Book enthusiasts: people who read regularly and can’t help but talk about the books they enjoy 
  • Sincerely helpful: people who actually solve problems and make a difference 
  • Dedicated: able to uphold commitments and help out in every aspect of the store


A regular shift at lala books can include:

  • Running the cash register and maintaining a balanced drawer
  • Checking price and availability of in-print merchandise and place special orders for customers.
  • Recommending titles and helping customers find the perfect book
  • Contacting customers regarding their special orders by phone and email.
  • Shelving books correctly so staff and customers can find them easily.
  • Keeping the store visually appealing, tidy and clean. This includes dusting shelves, sweeping floors, taking out the trash and recycling, fixing displays and tidying shelves.
  • Informing customers about upcoming events
  • Processing website orders correctly.