Used Books - FAQ


USED BOOKS at lala books - FAQ


Do you take donations?

Yes! Thank you! We will gladly take donations of your used books. No encyclopedias, text books, or bibles, please.


Do you buy or trade used books?

Sorry, we do not. But there are several used book dealers around that might, including the Lowell Book Company, Valley Wild Books in Littleton, Serpentine Books in Salem and Lowell, and Annie’s Book Stop in Nashua.


What does lala books do with book donations?

We sort through your donation to find the best home for each book. Many of the books we receive go on our shelves for sale This helps us to be a sustainable community store - so thank you! Some books go into the free library boxes downtown - we keep an eye on the kinds of books folks take and what they leave behind so we can place the best titles in each box. We also sometimes gather specific types of books for our nonprofit partners.


How many books can I bring to donate? 

We don’t have a lot of space at the store and we work with a small staff, so we ask that you bring no more than 2 boxes on any given day. If you have a lot of books to donate, please coordinate a good time with Laura by emailing, but note that we might not be able to accommodate a large donation at some times of the year.


Do you take books in any condition?

We take books in readable condition, with no big tears and no mold. Old books that are a bit worn with age and love are fine. 


What books do you need the most?

Customers are often looking for fiction, books in other languages, history, and graphic novels. 


Do you appraise vintage books?

Sorry, we have no one on staff with that skill. We suggest you reach out to a vintage dealer.


Why don’t you take encyclopedias, text books, or bibles?

These are books that are hard for us to sell and that we can not leave in free libraries or with nonprofits. 


How do you price used books at the store?

Our used books are priced between $1 and $10, with most $4 or less. Our goal is to share books with as many folks as possible while still maintaining a vibrant storefront. The income from used book sales help to cover credit card fees, which are a huge cost for small businesses.


My question wasn’t answered.

We love to talk about books! Give us a call at 978-221-5966 or email at or just stop by the store. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.