Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our store and website. If you have a question that isn't answered here, or need additional information please contact us.



What are your hours? 

Monday 10 - 6

Tuesday 10 - 6

Wednesday 10 - 6

Thursday 10 - 8

Friday 10 - 8

Saturday 10 - 8

Sunday 10 - 4

Is lala a kids book store?

Nope! We are a full service bookstore, meaning we have books for everyone, no matter their age.

Do you allow pets?

Pet's are not allowed in the store. Certified Service Animals are of course exempt from this rule. Emotional Support Animals are not considered Service Animals under MA law and are therefore not allowed in the store.

Do you have Used Books?

Yes, we do sell used books

Do you take used book donations?

Yes we do take donations! They may not all find their way onto our shelves, but all books donated to us will find new homes. We do not, however, buy used books.

Do you take books on consignment?

We sell books and gift items on consignment. You can always email or call us for more information.


Why do I have to give card information when I'm paying with a Gift Card?

Our website is doesn't know how much is on your Gift Card because it is kept on a different system. We take your card information in case the Gift Card  has insufficient funds.

How long will my order take?

We put in orders every Monday and Thursday, books will generally come in 2-5 days after.

What does it mean that my order says PENDING?

PENDING means your order has been submitted and is now waiting in the queue for a bookseller.

What does it mean that my order says PROCESSING?

PROCESSING means a bookseller is now working on your order.

Why does my order say COMPLETED when I don't have my items?

COMPLETED means that your payment has been accepted and your order has been finalized. You will be contacted soon to either pick it up in store or with a tracking number.