lala books loves local authors

Our goal is to support our local authors and illustrators. To do that, we need a vibrant store. So, we have created these policies to be mutually beneficial.

  • lala books will accept self-published work and other titles that we are not able to get from our regular distributers, from Greater Lowell authors and illustrators through consignment.
    • The store will take on 2 to 3 copies of your book to start. The decision of how many copies to stock belongs solely to lala books.
    • lala books will keep 40% of the retail price and remit the rest to the author/illustrator. We pay only for what we sell. The author will take back unsold copies at the end of the agreement period. 
    • Consignment agreements are for 3 months. The agreement can be renewed if both parties agree.
    • lala books will contact authors/illustrators every quarter about payouts and to obtain more copies of the book, if needed. Please do not leave unsolicited books at the store.
    • In exchange for shelf space, we expect authors to do some marketing to help drive folks to the store - for example, one post a month on social media or a mention on your web page. 
      • Tag us on Facebook - @lalabooks
      • Tag us on Instagram - @lalabookslowell
      • Tag us on Threads - @lalabookslowell
      • Tag us on TikTok - @lalabookslowell
    • While we do host events in the store, time and space is limited. We host events as our calendar allows. We will add events to our online calendar, in store marketing as possible, and some social media. Unless otherwise agreed to, you take on the responsibility of press releases and other marketing. Other authors very much appreciate your attendance at their events when possible. 
    • We appreciate that you will be selling your book in multiple outlets. We ask that you include lala books as a place where your book can be purchased and to drive folks to lala books whenever we are hosting you in the store for an event.
    • While we do our best to keep track of all of our inventory, on some rare occasions, books are lost. lala books is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise. 

Contact Laura at lala books to make arrangements for a consignment.

Email is best: